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Top 7 Reasons to Make Council Guns Your Local Gun Store

Council Guns owner, Virginia Duncan with the results of her hunting trip.

Reason #1: The owners understand all about your right to hunt and have spent a lifetime not only hunting, but passing on the knowledge and skills to develop the right attitude in the next generation of hunters. They have created multiple opportunities for youth to experience hunting for the first time, worked to introduce women into the hunting community and developed veteran programs to give back to the community.

Reason #2: 'Service Before Self' is a motto that is the very core of Council Guns. They are a family that has long served this country from World War 2, Korea, Vietnam, Persian Gulf, Desert Shield, Desert Storm, Operation Restore Hope, Mogadishu, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom, Iraq and Afghanistan. Their family has stood as one under the thin blue line of law enforcement with the owner volunteering service to two law enforcement agencies. Honor, Duty, Service are not words, but are the way of life for this family. All who have or are currently serving will find this gun store to be the one they have always looked for.

Reason #3: The Second Amendment is found in almost every gun store nationwide. Very few of the owners of those stores has ever taken a stand to protect all American’s rights under the Second Amendment. Council Guns is owned and operated by Virginia Duncan who stepped forward to be the named plaintiff in Duncan V. Becerra. This case is currently moving from the 9th circuit toward the Supreme Court. The case states that every law abiding American should be able to possess the magazines designed for their lawfully owned firearms.

Reason #4: Giving back to the community. Council Guns owners have led and served as volunteers in order to build a stronger community. Past positions include: California Rifle and Pistol Association – San Diego County Volunteer Coordinator; San Diego Fish and Wildlife Advisory Commission – Board Vice Chairman; San Diego County Wildlife Federation – Vice President; San Diego Jr. Pheasant Hunt – President; Cal Youth Adventures – Vice President; Ramona Dawg Pound Youth Wrestling - Director.

Reason #5: Supports and works with Friends of NRA, Safari Club International, FoxPro Inc., Vortex, California Game Wardens, the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association, San Diego Sporting Dog Club, USMC, USN, USDA and others to advance the sport of hunting throughout the western United States.

Reason #6: Education is important, and the owner is an NRA Range Safety Officer, Hunter Education Instructor (California & Idaho) and has taught over a thousand people on the proper and safe handling of firearms at the range, in the home, in self-defense and in the field.

Reason #7: Passion of all aspects of the Second Amendment are not just words, but a lifestyle at Council Guns. If you are looking for a gun store to call home, and a gun store owner that has already proven they will fight for you, then look no further than Council Guns and Virginia Duncan which is located in Council, Idaho. They come from a background of service in law enforcement and the military. They are a very patriotic family and understand what it means to serve your nation.


Edward Kennedy in his USN uniform, father of Council Guns owner, Virginia Duncan.

Edward Kennedy

Husband of Virginia, Sean Duncan.

Sean Duncan

Image of Curtis Duncan.

Curtis Duncan

Image of Angela Hoye in her USN uniform.

Angela Hoye

Image of Shaun Kennedy in his USN uniform.

Shaun Kennedy

Black & white Image of Ted Kennedy in his service uniform.

Ted Kennedy


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